Day five, six and seven photos.

#shanrunsacrossamerica day 5/6/7 35.4/35.4/41.9 miles

Spent the last 3 days ascending and descending the Sierras. The Sierras are exceptionally beautiful. We slept under large trees and next to bubbling rivers. Smoke from various forest fires has made it challenging to breath at times and has turned the moon and sun red. Today was very tricky getting the van over the Sonora pass but we made it.

We have a few more mountains to climb then we hit the endless desert of Nevada.

We are a week in and the plan of getting fit on the road seems to be working. I’m tired and sore at the end of each day but am injury free.

I don’t have any chaffing thanks to @2tomsworldwide and no blisters thanks to @injinji Hurray!

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